Welcome to my Website on my 3 favourite things

Designed and created by Charlotte Perris Tawa College 9DIT

Here Are My 3 Favourite Things:

  1. Cooking
  2. Kayaking
  3. Camping

My first favourite thing is: Cooking

My first favourite thing is cooking because I have experienced it alot at home cooking different dishes from different places.Also becuase I love the different flavours and smells.I have also enjoyed learning dishes from my family.

My second favourite thing is : Kayaking

My second favourite thing is kayaking because I like being out on the water and because I find it fun. Also because it's enjoyable and relaxing.And it's nice to do something different.

My third favourite thing is: Camping

My third favourite thing is camping because every summer we go camping different places in New Zealand, North and South islands. Also I enjoy being in a new places and exploring.It's also fun to be in a different place and a different scene.